Introduction to this Guide

This  guide provides information on how parents and students can use the Campus Portal. Detailed instructions are available for logging into the Campus Portal, viewing student data and generating available reports. The information in this guide is divided into concepts corresponding to a specific function of the Campus Portal. Each section contains instructions and some graphics to guide the user through the process. This document is written for the Campus Portal user, not school or District personnel. Updates to this user guide will be made as additional features of the Campus Portal are released. Please note: Not all sections are always available to view. Periodically, sections will be disabled for a period of time.

Access to the Campus Portal

The New Ulm School District determines access to Campus Portal. For questions about your access rights, please contact your child’s school. This document does not provide instructions on how to sign on to Campus Portal. For information on how to sign on to Campus Portal, please go to, click on For Parents, then click on Campus Portal.

Security Features

  • The Campus Portal incorporates the highest level of security. Parents/guardians can see only information related to the students they are authorized to view through the use of a secure connection, strong passwords and session timeouts.
  • The Campus Portal enables the District to force strong password usage by all users, including parents/guardians. This requires a password that is case sensitive and at least eight characters long. The password must also contain at least three of the following: a capital letter, lower case letter, number or symbol. In addition, a student will be forced to change their password the first time logging in.
  • Five unsuccessful login attempts will disable the Campus Portal account. To use Campus Portal again, parents will need to contact the Technology Office.
  • The Campus Portal also monitors the activity in each session. As part of security settings, an Access Log is included. By default, the system will time-out any user after a period of time and requires the user to log in again.

Navigating the Campus Portal

Navigating the Campus Portal is easy. The left side of the screen is used to navigate the Campus Portal. The right side of the screen contains the main frame which displays topic specific information.


The Messages tab will bring you back to the home page. The home page displays district notices, school notices and your inbox.

Portal Languages

The Portal navigation tabs are available in four languages by clicking on the hyperlink found at the bottom of the Portal web page on all screens:

  • English

  • Spanish

  • Simplified Chinese

  • Traditional Chinese

Select A Student

To view student schedules, attendance, grades, academic planner, graduation progress, fees or reports, you must first select the student you want to view. Select the student by clicking on Select A Student at the top of the screen and then choose the student you want to view.

District, School and Inbox Notices

The Campus Portal homepage displays school and District notices in the mainframe located on the right side of the screen. Notices are organized by district-wide messages and by school-specific messages. The Campus Portal also has a built-in messaging system. Your inbox will contain any messages sent to you. You can access the homepage by clicking on the parent’s name under the Infinite Campus header.

The Inbox message center is for all system communication relevant to a user of the Campus Portal. Announcements appearing in the Inbox are tailored to the currently logged-in user.

Account Setting

The Account Settings tab allows users to change their existing account password and update their account email address used when recovering a forgotten password or Campus username from the Campus login screen.

Account Security Email – Add

To establish your Account Security Email address for the first time, click the Add button in the Account Security Email Column.

Enter information and click the Save button.

Account Security Email - Edit

To change your existing Account Security Email address, click the Edit button in the Account Security Email column.

Enter information and click the Save button. Your new Email is now saved in Campus and the Account Management screen will show “Email successfully saved”.

Account Security Password

If you would like to change your account password, click the Edit button.

Enter information and click the Save button.

NOTE: The box to the right of the New Password field indicates the strength of the new password. Red means weak, yellow means medium, and green means strong. Users cannot save a password that is weak (red) or medium (yellow).

Account Security-E-Signature PIN:

The District is not currently using this feature.

Contact Preferences 

This will allow the user to add an email address and a secondary email address. You may choose how you prefer to receive a message by type i.e. Emergency, Attendance, General Notification, Priority Notification, Teacher. You may also select a preferred language. This information is populated in the student information system.

Access Log

The Access Log lists the IP address (location from which parents access the Portal), the times it was accessed and whether the login was successful. Users do not have the ability to modify data here.

Notification Settings

Parents may subscribe to school notifications to receive alerts to attendance, grade, and assignment changes. The notification bell is located in the upper right hand corner of your Campus Portal screen.


Calendar Events for all students in the family will display if you do not have a specific student selected. The Calendar tab displays assignments and attendance events for each student. The Calendar tab appears in both the Family section and Student section of the portal.


The Schedule tab lists your child’s classes in each period and each term. For each class, you will find the name of the course, the days it meets, the teacher’s name and room number. You may click on the class name for current assignments and scores, and on the teacher’s name to send the teacher an email. You may click on the date for a current newsletter by a class teacher.


The Attendance tab allows parents to track student attendance using a variety of summary options and attendance views. This section is updated in real-time, as the teacher or attendance clerk enters daily or period attendance.

The attendance calendar at the top of the attendance screen provides color-coded absence and tardy information for the selected student. The current day is outlined in blue. Clicking the black arrow icons will allow the user to view previous and future months. All instruction days may be selected. Non-instructional days are grayed out and cannot be selected.

(Clicking on date on the calendar view shows an attendance detail for that day)

The student was marked tardy in period one.

Below the Calendar, four tabs allow users to view summaries of attendance information by Course, by Period, by Day and by Term. Dates in the summary tabs can be selected to generate a detail window.


Parents and students are able to see all grading tasks, grades, and assignments for a particular course. Parents and students are also able to view any newsletters the teacher has sent and may email the teacher by clicking on the teacher’s name.

To Do List

The To Do List displays assignments and assignment due dates for all students in the family if you do not have a specific student selected. The To Do List may be filtered by date and printed.


The Reports tab allows parents to generate printed reports of information such as a student’s schedule, a missing assignment report, and any transcripts or report cards that are available. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required and may be downloaded at no cost. Below are some report examples you may find on Campus Portal:


The Demographics tab lists the information the school district currently has for the selected student. The district allows parents/guardians to request changes to student data, modifications can be made to personal information and non-household contact information.

Please note that all requests will be routed through the Portal Request Processor for review and may take 5-7 business days to complete.  You will receive a notification in your inbox on the portal when your request has been processed.