It is important for you to have up-to-date contact information so that we can share timely information with you. Through the Campus Portal, you can verify that your contact information is correct, and then indicate which types of messages should be directed to each phone or email address. Message types include Emergency, Attendance, General Notification, Priority Notification and Teacher.

Before the contact preference checkboxes will display, you must have an email address entered and saved. (This Contact Preferences tool and some of the preferences listed on this page may not be available to all Portal users. Portal configuration is specific to a school and depends on administrator configuration.)

Contact Preferences

Modifying Preferred Contact Preferences

It is easy to manage your email address and specify the types of messages to be received through email, voice, and text. Simply check the appropriate “type” box to enable notifications for a particular email address or phone number. 

New Ulm Public Schools using the following types of messages:

Message Type Column

Mark checkboxes in this column if the email and/or phone number should be contacted for…


Emergency messages


Student attendance messages


Student behavior messages


General school or district messages


High-priority messages sent by the school or district


Teacher created messages

Phone Number Preferences

In order for phone numbers to appear as notification options, we must have your numbers on file. Please contact your child’s building if a number you wish to use is not shown.