The Demographics tab lists the information the school district currently has for the selected student. The district allows parents/guardians to request changes to student data—modifications can be made to personal information.

Student Demographics

Updating Student Personal Information

  1. Select the Update button on the Personal Information section. An Update Demographics window will appear.

  2. Enter the modified information. The First Name, Last Name, Gender and Date of Birth fields must be populated. Only alphabetic letters, numbers, periods, hyphens and apostrophes are allowed in the name fields. 

  3. Select the appropriate answer for Is the individual Hispanic/Latino? This selection may be required. 

  4. Mark the appropriate Race option for the student. This selection may be required.

  5. Enter any Comments related to this change. These comments are seen by the staff person processing the request.

  6. Click the Send Update button. An indication the message has been sent will appear.

  7. Click the OK button and return to the Demographics page.

Update Personal Information View